The annual appointment with the Sugarcane Experience brings the Caribbean to Milan. The Rum Day is a path between brands and spirits, where bartenders and Horeca professionals go to explore the different distillates through individual homelands. A journey through tasting desk, tasting rooms and seminars driven by leading figures of the world bartending. Exotic atmosphere and fragrances from overseas are not lacking, but the real guest stars are… rum and cachaça.


The Rum Day is the event exclusively dedicated to the spirits made from sugar cane.
It comes from a close observation of the beverage market and of its constantly changing dynamics. An analysis that led to the organization of an event that can give a new impetus to rum and cachaça, the first former star of a great ascent a decade ago and the second known almost known for the classic Brazilian drink. Today the world of rum, already covered by numerous events, clubs and occurrences that talk about it, is experiencing a new wave of prosperity, giving to the beverage sector still significant opportunities for growth, especially in the world of modern mixology. The Sugar Cane Experience reinforces again the will to respond to specifical market needs, especially to those companies which deal with the spirits, facing a very charming theme and today more and more leading actor, thanks to his performance in history, culture, myths and legends, that lurk behind the typical distillate of the Caribbean.


The Rum Day is developed through the perfect model of sharing and exchange: on the one hand, the companies that wait for the annual event as a good opportunity to present their products and find new contacts, and to the other hand professionals who see it as the perfect moment to share and examine issues closely related to their profession thanks to present brands. The Rum Day becomes a big space where tasting desks, seminar and tasting rooms - animated by led meetings -, bars and activities drive you into an adventure, but at the same time full of history through different occasions that talk about places, costumes, flavors and traditions.


The Rum Day is born with the aim of fostering a new trend for the distillate coming from the sugar cane, in a path made of special guests, tastings and seminars.


The last edition of the Sugarcane Experience has spoken clearly: with 1200 entries on Sunday, with a great percentage composed of enthusiasts consumers, and 1600 entries on Monday, The Rum Day reiterated the centrality and the importance of a well tried and tested format. From here it starts again, with a large exhibition hall - the undisputed star of the event - capable of accommodating tasting desks and products in free taste, in a two-day of collectors corners, seminar rooms and main bar - with drink list devoted to the great classics of rum and cachaça flavors.


Guest stars from the world of Sugarcane Experience  alternate in various free seminar sessions: protagonists coming from London as Marian Beke, Luca Cinalli and Agostino Perrone, without forgetting the protagonists of the Made in Italy mixology such as Leonardo Leuci and Dario Comini


The Liquor&Spiritis Collectors corner offers a taste of rare bottles and limited edition or special reserves from the Seventies, while anticipating the event comes the Rum Cocktail Week, seven days dedicated to the promotion of the spirits that, in the last edition, has seen more than fifty bars Italy joining it.

The event, therefore, allows to decipher the many quality signals of rum and cachaça, confirming the new uptrend. In two words, in short: Rum Day.
Don’t miss it: November 5th and 6th, 2017!


Via Watt 15 Milan 20143

Sunday, November 5th 2017

Monday, November 6th 2017



In this edition dedicated to the World of the Spirit of the Caribbean there will be space in Milan also for a "Corner" dedicated to the field of Collectibles and "Impossible Tastings".

Managed by the Blogger LoSpiritodeiTempi, all fans can find on display an Assortment of Old Bottles of Rum, some of which will be put on Sale while others may be at Tasted by Glass.

A unique opportunity to taste ancient editions now increasingly rare and hard to find (and increasingly expensive). In the coming days we will present the best bits but even now we can assure that the list is very long, especially rich of Fantastic Labels.

A space where even the Rum Collectors can give free rein to their obsessions.


Dopo la prima volta al The Rum Day 2015, torna lo Spazio Collectors per offrire agli impavidi di cuore la possibilità di degustare i migliori imbottigliamenti di Rum mai usciti sul mercato.

Ecco una selezione di uno dei migliori Rhum Agricol della Martinica, il celebre BALLY!

La Bally fu aperta nel 1917 da Jacques Bally e lavorava esclusivamente le canne della propria piantagione. Agli inizi aveva una propria distilleria con cui produceva il Rhum Agricol Bally ma, dopo la scomparsa del fondatore Jacques Bally avvenuta nel 1963, la distilleria cessa di esistere ed iniziano ad acquistare ed invecchiare il Rhum prodotto alla St. James.


Bally è stato il primo marchio della Martinica che ha investito sui Rhum invecchiati, per questo decise di chiudere la distilleria e di concentrarsi esclusivamente sulle tecniche di invecchiamento.

Nello Spazio Collectors potrete trovare i migliori Vintage di questo storico marchio.

Partendo dal 1929 e proseguendo con il 1950, il 1960, il Celebre 1970 Riserva Cantarelli e il 1975.

A proposito del 1970, questo millesimo fu selezionato, scelto ed imbottigliato da/per Peppino Cantarelli ed infatti l’Etichetta Speciale ci ricorda questa cosa. Il Rhum fu poi imbottigliato nel 1991, quindi si porta in dote un invecchiamento di ben 21 anni di età, cosa abbastanza rara per i Rhum Agricol che solo in rarissimi casi superano i 15 anni di età.




Montebello 1948

Domaine de Courcelles 1948


Barbancourt Riserva Veronelli 25 anni

Rhum proveniente dall’isola di Haiti e prodotto dalla distilleria Barbancourt. Questa bottiglia di Barbancourt è, però, qualcosa di speciale: infatti, ci troviamo davanti la ‘Mitica Riserve Veronelli di ben 25 anni’.